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Results Day and What Now

Results Day and What Now
Yesterday was the exam day - today was very much the day to go into the school to open the white envelope and get the results.

The studio had a very tense feel about it. The girls looked stunning in their red dresses. I was kicking myself for not donning something a bit smarter than a green polo shirt. There was a lot of waiting around; we practically spent the day in the green room. I met the Stig, which I was hugely chuffed with.

I went into make up with Tana, who was jesting me for my love of social networking such as Facebook. I thought I had articulated the fact that all these technologies are merely mediums of communication and will never replace face to face time but they can work to enhance the time that we have. Denise (the regular Agony Aunt of This Morning) dampened this argument; in actual fact she completely blew me out of the water. I saw Tana's eyes light up as she sniggered; she had loaded a gun, polished it and effortlessly given it to me to pull the trigger against my head. It was funny and actually has inspired me to write another blog to articulate my point - just in case I ever see Denise again.

Going back to the green room there was time to meet Paul Ross and get the microphone pack on. Obviously we were all old hats at this now, although I still haven't really figured out what the etiquette is when putting on a microphone. Do you help the sound girl, or because it's ‘technical' you are somehow not insured to touch expensive equipment? I made an attempt to meet her halfway, which in essence was a lunge to hold her hand, with which I apologised straight away for and smiled. She giggled, so I figured I was safe from a letter from the lawyer for inappropriate conduct in the work place. We settled on her doing the poking and prodding inside my shirt and I would just stand there; it seemed to work.

The lines opened, and I sent a couple of text messages, and asked them to pass the message/link on. I was very much going on the principal of exponential growth and reminded myself of the chessboard story ( I figured the 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 would be very nice indeed. I smiled at that, as it is a fable that I love. Very quickly I was back in the room though, as they called us for the live result. I stood there, bright lights beaming on me and I could feel the sweat starting to build up on my brow, I kept muttering to myself, "Please not last, please not last - anything but can't throw away the lead now, second is a good score." Then I started thinking of excuses to give my friends on my return. I looked up in a pause that did seem to last a lifetime. I looked Tana in the eye, she said my name. I couldn't believe it, I wanted to jump up and down, I wanted to scream! Phil shook me by the hand and Gino gave me a hug - Phil S and Holly both came over to congratulate me. I was speechless and didn't know what to say. I wanted to cry but I knew that was not an option. I was whisked away into the hub, and was given a winner interview and told to write something on the This Morning blog. I obliged. I was beaming. I was so happy. I congratulated Yuan and Caroline, they have been awesome throughout this, and I love them to pieces.
This journey has been amazing, and I don't want it end yet. I have been on the media equivalent of the teacups at an amusement park; I now want to progress to the dodgems and maybe one day try a roller coaster. I am thirsty for more, the next few weeks/months are going to be very interesting, and I am going to give it my best shot.

Thank you to everyone!