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ITV This Morning - Audition Tape

ITV This Morning - Audition Tape
So....after a couple of weeks of deciding that the world of consulting wasn't right for me, with the general back stabbing and constant pressure, I was looking for a sign to inspire me to change. The problem was, I didn't know what to do. It sounds crazy, but I can very easily articulate what I don't want to do in my life, but actually finding the ‘dream job' is surprisingly hard. My sights are almost certainly set too high, and maybe I should just be satisfied with the ‘ok, but slightly dull' job.

This is where I was, mulling over my cornflakes, when Philip Schofield on ITV This Morning announced that they were looking for the next Celebrity TV Chef, citing that if you fancied yourself as a bit of a Jamie then apply. The instructions were clear: just a two-minute video of me cooking and talking passionately about food.

Brilliant. An opportunity to do something that I truly love: cooking, teaching and talking! So I took my signature dish (scallops on a bed of rocket with crispy pancetta and a mustard dressing), got my dear mother to film me, and with no editing or time to think, hit the send button.

I laid back. Smiled and nodded, this could be the start...the start of something. Haven't quite figured out what, but hey, we don't need to bother with those details yet. Let's not spoil it.