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Tarrant Ablett

....welcome to my site.

From before I can remember food has been an absolute passion of mine. Something I can get excited about, something that conversation and stories either stem from or can be discussed over. Food can be used to denote grand gestures, status symbols, romantic ideals, cultures, family values, friendships, fun and laughter, notwithstanding the fact that it is essential for us to have to live.

Having lived in a variety of places in the UK, I think that we are lucky to have a host of great ingredients on our doorstep and good food really can be accessible to everyone irrespective of class, background or age.

Food should be, and needs to be fun, tasty, flavoursome and full of exciting tales and stories. It doesn't need to be over complicated, and I enjoy cooking food that doesn't necessarily need a ‘jus' of x or a ‘foam' of y. Simple, clean, yet tasty flavors which come from the best, fresh ingredients used in an economical and sustainable way. True cooking from the heart.

The inspiration for this website has come after entering a competition on ITV This Morning, and making it to the final of the This Morning Kitchen Stars. I have subsequently won and now have a slot on the show performing and cooking live, which is a great buzz. Despite what may or may not happen with my TV career, I will always have my passion for food and want to share my experiences and any tips or ideas I have on the journey.

With this in mind, the aim of this website is to share some of my recipes and recommendations on good food suppliers AND to share my experiences, whether they are food related or not; it is all a story which can be told at a dinner party. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to get in touch with feedback or follow me on Twitter. Thanks 

Tarrant x 

Tarrant Ablett
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With pasta dishes, slightly undercook the pasta and then finish it off in the sauce. The pasta will

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Always put the pasta into the sauce never the sauce on top of the pasta.

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